Lily Lolo

Discover how to perfectly define each eye lash with Lily Lolo Lash Alert Natural Mascara. Nadira Persaud, International Make up Artist, shows us how to use this natural mascara for lashes that look longer and fuller.

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Style Steps

How-To Apply
1) Make sure eyelashes are clean and dry of any prior makeup.
How-To Apply
2) While still wet, apply no more than 3 coats. If fluid sets, it can make the lashes clumpy. Also, you will find the wand will not easily stroke through the lashes if fluid sets.
How-To Apply
3) Looking down into a mirror (preferably magnified), start at the base of the lashes using light zigzag strokes working up to the tips of the lashes. The zigzag technique helps to prevent lashes sticking together and gives them a more ‘feathery’ appearance.
How-To Apply
4) Now gently apply to lower lashes. If lower lashes are thin, avoid applying and drawing attention.
How-To Apply
5) Avoid applying mascara to top of upper lashes, as this forces them to fall flat and straight.
How-To Apply
6) Keep cap tightened well to prevent drying out and store in moderate temperature.